Candy Cane Photography employs the best CEO’s south of the North Pole!



One-Stop Shopping!

We are the only Canadian company in North America who offers the entire Christmas package!  Your one-stop-shop for Christmas entertainers and professional photographers, complete with Real-Bearded Santas  and Costumed helpers!

We are focused on providing fast, efficient, friendly and fun service to your shoppers, creating and capturing their festive memories.

We coordinate, train and manage staff to ensure a seamless experience for your customers.

My Santa Experience

Not only is our staff trained to allow each child to spend their very special moments with Santa but our professional and experienced Santas enjoy spending time with children as they drop by with their lists and letters or simply to have a snap shot taken with Santa.s260

Chief Elf Officers (CEO’s)

Our CEO’s are trained to allow each child to “Capture Moments” and have their “Santa Experience”

  • Our staff are calm, fun, professional, courteous and trained
  • Work very efficiently
  • Recognize requirements of special needs children
  • Are dressed for the season


Elf Christine

CEO Christine

Elf Christine is super outgoing, loves meeting people, and works well with children and pets. Elf Christine enjoys creating happy, fun and memorable moments. Christine is comfortable working in fast paced environments and is incredibly well organized.



CEO Kaitlyn

Elf Kaitlyn is one of our calm and cool photographers. She will snap photos of Santa, kids and see you on Pet Photo Days. She loves to mix and mingle with kids and parents. Kaitlyn has been a pet attendant, has worked as a PR assistant and has her first aid certificate.



CEO Devon

Elf Devon is our greeter and resident elf photographer. On his spare time he loves to take photos at kids camps as a volunteer, and various other groups around town. Elf Devon is creative and is always thinking outside the box.



Mrs. Claus, CEO

Mrs. Claus is one of our long time photo experts; you will be very impressed with the quality of her work. She is our best Mrs. Claus who is always dressed to impress during the holiday season. She also has the important role of keeping Santa focused.



CEO Spencer

Head Elf Spencer has learned the ropes of handling important roles of coordinating, scheduling, organizing, troubleshooting and handles many aspects of graphic designs and photographs. Spencer is always ready and willing to assist you and your children with a calm demeanor.


Photographer Elf

CEO Natacha

Our Elf Natacha is one of the most helpful elves in Santa’s workshop. She can jingle away, help Santa hand out gifts and meet and greet everyone with a big elf smile. She has completed writing a book about her favorite pet Seville. 

Photo Elf

CEO Katie

Elf Katie is always ready for anything. This year she will be one of our most wanted elves and will work throughout the season, even on Christmas Day if needed. Katie specializes in PR, Theatre Studies and has her Serving it Right, First Aid and adores dance and singing.


CEO Kaley

CEO Kaley

CEO Chris

CEO Chris


CEO Amanda

CEO Amanda